"A.S.P. for all your security needs"

The Director

Picture of Australian Security Patrol Company Director, Tony Arrouk.

Tony Arrouk took control of Australian Security Patrol (A.S.P.) on 1 April 2004, bringing with him years of experience in the security sector, a personal commitment to professionalism and a desire to provide the highest quality services to his clients.

"Security is my bread and butter", he declares with enthusiasm, confidence and pride.

Beginning as a security officer with A.S.P., Tony immediately fell in love with his work and was quickly given more duties and responsibilities as a patrol officer and more face-to-face client interaction. He then undertook Professional Development Courses at the Australian Security Education and Consulting (ASEC) Pty Ltd to become owner of A.S.P.

As soon as Tony became owner and director of A.S.P., he hit the ground running, introducing a series of premium services for his existing and new valued clients: vehicle patrols, alarm responses, static guard services, risk management consulting and more. He expanded A.S.P. to assist interstate companies and opened new offices overseas.

As a result of this hands-on approach, A.S.P. has forged an enviable clientele in the community that is based on Tony's belief in open, honest and direct communication with each person who seeks the services of the company. He prides himself in placing the needs of his clients as the number one priority.

Tony's goal is to further expand A.S.P. on both a national and international level while retaining the same sense of a local, intimate and professional family business.

In his spare time, Tony indulges in his passion for cars and fine-dining.

Tony is married to Ahlam, A.S.P.'s general manager. Together they have three young children, George, Joseph and Labella.